LIFTE H2 refocuses its European presence as a one-stop shop for hydrogen engineering solutions following organisational changes. 

Berlin, 12.09.2023, LIFTE H2 GmbH announces its acquisition by one of the company’s co-founders and managing directors, Paul Karzel, and continues decarbonising customers’ operations in Europe.

LIFTE H2 announces strategic changes in the company’s structure and strategic direction. The ownership of LIFTE H2 GmbH has changed. Following a management buyout, Paul Karzel, company Managing Director and co-founder of LIFTE H2, is now the 100% owner of the company.  

The US operations of LIFTE H2 have been acquired by Powertech Labs, which will focus on the American market; the digital Asset Performance Management (APM) platform has been acquired by Electric Hydrogen (EH2). This new ownership structure reaffirms LIFTE H2’s commitment to being a one-stop engineering service provider for hydrogen infrastructure in Europe. 

“Our business will continue uninterrupted to offer hydrogen engineering and consulting services in Europe, thereby aiding our clients in their journey towards decarbonisation. The new organisational setup gives us more freedom to focus more effectively on hydrogen engineering and consulting services and lets us strengthen our project delivery capability in Germany and Europe, where we are proud to work with the market leaders today.” 

said Paul Karzel, Managing Director at LIFTE H2. 

LIFTE H2’s core focus remains on hydrogen engineering solutions. The company provides comprehensive engineering services for integrated hydrogen systems, optimising everything from electrolysis to customer applications. Its goal is to support customers at every stage of their hydrogen journey, simplifying entry into hydrogen projects across the entire value chain, including H2 production, H2 for mobility, municipal utilities, renewable energy developers, industrial H2 applications, and product development support. 

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Media Contact: 

Urszula Lachowicz 

Deputy Managing Director 

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