Application Hydrogen Product Developers

We support equipment manufacturers across all stages
of product development, from concept to market entry.

  • Engineering

    Consulting on hydrogen system engineering such as design reviews, developing specifications, providing technical analysis and evaluation.

  • Safety engineering and consulting

    Risk assessment studies throughout the project lifecycle such as FMEA, FTA, HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, BTA.

  • Regulations, codes, and standards

    Market access support through continuous relationship management of relevant authorities and 3rd parties. Information on regional product requirements and related design limitations.

  • Operations concepts

    Consulting on the development of O&M concepts and manuals for hydrogen products.

The LIFTE H2 team has hands-on experience developing hydrogen products and plays an active role across industry and international standardisation bodies.

Product Development

Our reference project

Studies on refuelling protocols and hydrogen quality for vehicle OEM.

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Applications We design cost-effective and reliable hydrogen systems
for various applications:


Comprehensive range of engineering services  for integrated hydrogen systems.


Engineering Services