Top view of Asian engineer or Young Female Architect put on a helmet for safety and talk with a contractor on a construction building factory project, Concept of Teamwork, Leadership concept.

About Us Safety


There is no opportunity without risk.

We are in the business of managing risk and opportunity in a nascent and growing industry. Our opportunity is to serve our customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective hydrogen solutions, removing carbon from their hard-to-abate operations. However, this opportunity comes with risks that need to be actively managed.

Any substance that can power the world’s largest vehicles traversing air, sea, land, and space, which can also store vast amounts of energy under hundreds of atmospheres of pressure, demands our respect and care. We accept the challenge of accelerating towards the opportunity before us, while managing risks where there is little precedent to draw from.

At LIFTE H2, we are bold and push the boundary of what is possible, but we do not “fail fast” and break things. Pushing the boundary and being at the forefront of a growing industry means that we are never done managing risk. So, we continuously revisit how we manage our risks and always learn from our mistakes.

Our commitment to our people, our environment, our partners, and our customers:

  • Delighting our customers with world-class quality hydrogen solutions
  • Learning from and eliminating incidents, striving for zero
  • Learning from and eliminating injuries, striving for zero
  • Learning from and eliminating negative environmental impacts, striving for maximum decarbonization
  • Setting clear, measurable, and visible QHSSE targets, holding ourselves accountable, and striving for continuous improvement
  • Providing the resources needed (including tools, training, and processes) to deliver QHSSE success